How to Get Girls in Bed With Physical Openers

If you want to know how to get girls in bed, you need to know that it all begins with a good opener. Openers can be either verbal or non-verbal, and while the majority of the openers used by guys are verbal, it is good to have a few physical openers in your repertoire as well. There are several different kinds of physical openers, which are discussed below.

The first is the high five. You just give a girl a high five for any reason at all. Maybe you are in a sports bar and your favorite team just scored. Start passing out high fives and give one to her as well. She can see that you are fun and that you are including her in an activity you enjoy. It is the perfect opportunity to start a conversation by asking her if she likes the same team you do. It doesn’t matter what her response is because all you are doing is using your opener to start a conversation with her. Regardless of whether or not she likes the same team as you is of relative unimportance. You can simply change the subject and transition into your attraction material.

Another good physical opener is called the Motion Over. This might not seem very effective, but it actually works more often than you would think. When you make eye contact with the girl you are interested in, all you do is beckon her over to you. About 50% of the time, the girl will come over. The only requirement of this technique is that the girl has to be looking at you for it to work. However, if she is looking at you, it will be successful about half the time. You should not be afraid to try it and don’t be afraid of not knowing what to say when she comes over. You can simply say that she’s too cute to stand there and not come over and say hi. Or you can use any other verbal opener you want.

Openers are very important if you want to know how to get girls in bed. Choose verbal openers or physical openers, but either way, you have to find a way to strike up a conversation if you ever hope to escalate the interaction to anything more. With a good confidence as you go forward you will surely inherit a reward in the end.

Source by Jon Sinn

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